"Dr. Hilton is not just an
accomplished scholar; he is
also a passionate educator."

Donald Mitchell, Jr.
Professor of Higher Education Leadership
Bellarmine University

Adriel A. Hilton, author/educator

Dr. Hilton has done extensive research in the areas of diversity, affirmative action, the impact of affirmative action and other programs on diversity in higher education, and factors that affect the success and persistence of minorities in university settings.

About Dr. Hilton

Adriel A. Hilton is vice chancellor for student affairs and enrollment management at Southern University at New Orleans. 


Dr. Hilton provides consulting and professional services for universities looking for a strategic thinker to assist their improvement of administrative capacity; diversity, equity and inclusion; recruitment efforts; and much more. 


“Dr. Adriel Hilton is definitely making his mark in the world of academe. His intentionality to advancing the body of knowledge surrounding students of colors’ success is so significant and necessary. Adriel, continue to make a positive difference in the lives of others!”